Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An interest in Pinterest

I have spent the past few days with one of my best friends, Sarah Woodall. We have done a bunch of crazy stuff in just a few days, which for us is not surprising. Mostly we have been crafting, scrolling through Pinterest and having girl talk. What else would you do at a sleepover?!

 This girl right here is Sarah Woodall and man do we both have stories to tell you about our time spent together!
Monday night was spent having girl talk and pinning on Pinterest.  I absolutely love Pinterest but you can only pin so many things in one day, or so I thought. Sarah spent FOREVER on Pinterest…..well it was only about 2 and a half hours but it seemed like forever!
 Tuesday morning we got up at 10 a.m. For Sarah this was sleeping in, for me it was getting up early. We went to McDonald's and got smoothies and Sonic to get breakfast burritos. They were both super yummy! After breakfast we got right to our craft projects. Our first and second projects were similar and both were found on Pinterest along with the other crafts we've attempted.
Craft Project #1: t-shirt flip flops
First we cut strips out of t-shirts. Then we took five strands and sewed them together.
 Next we braided the strips. After finishing the braid we sewed the end.
This is what the braid looked like when Sarah finished it.

How to attach the braid to the flip flops:
You take the two ends and put them through the hole that goes in between your toes.
 Next you take little strips of fabric and put them around the braid and through each hole. By doing this the braid will wrap all the way around one’s foot unlike a regular flip flop.
We both added a piece of cloth in the middle to bring the two straps together to make them look more like sandals instead of flip flops. Here is the finished project! :)


They turned out awesome! They are super comfortable! I can't wait to wear mine! :)
Craft Project #2: t-shirt headbands
The steps to make the headbands are very similar to those of the flip flops. Once you finish the braid you sew the two ends together. Cut the ends of the strands but keep one to sew around the ends sown together. With the headbands we used two different colors for several of them but my favorites are the solid colored ones.

 Tuesday night after dinner Sarah and I ventured out to Wal-Mart for more craft supplies. Someone had the bright idea to get the stuff for face masks. I remembered in Young Womens one Wednesday night we used unflavored gelatin to put on our noses. Well Sarah, not knowing we only put in on our noses, smears it all over my face, so we said, “why not?” We put it on each others’ faces and let it dry. Mine dried quick and made my face super tight. I had trouble moving my lips so talking was a little difficult! 
Sarah's face was SO funny!
 The only way to peel  the mask off was to move our faces to crack it and OWWWWW did it hurt! I can’t even describe how it felt besides, “Ow. Owwww. OWWWW!” It took FOREVER to peel off. The worst was getting it out of my eyebrows, Sarah Woodall. I thought it was going to rip my eyebrows right off my face. Guess whose idea it was to put it all over, I mean ALL over, my eyebrows. Sarah Woodall. Don’t worry, I got her back ;) Once our faces were finally clean we enjoyed a game of cookie face and some candy!
Sarah, tryin to win.
But she didn't! Winning shot! Oh yeah!
All of our goodies! Yummy!

Wednesday we woke up, early again, and went to get Nene’s donuts and they were delicious! We got blueberry cake donut holes, a pine cone, and a Bavarian cream filled donut. The blueberry  cake donuts are my absolute favorite!
 Craft Project #3: air fresheners
After we ate part of our breakfast we decided to make air fresheners. When we made our face masks the night before we made one by accident except it didn’t have a smell! Sarah was the one who figured out what the "gooey stuff" was and I had realized I had pined “how to make air fresheners” the day before on Pinterest.
This was when Sarah realized what the "gooey stuff" was!
 Sure enough, what we had done mistakenly was what I found on Pinterest. This time we made them on purpose and we added food coloring and essential oil. We made a little bit of a mess and our hands still smell like air freshener but it worked! The fragrances we used were Hawaiian Mist and Juicy Berries and Apples. We put in about 30 drops of the essential oil and 3-5 drops of food coloring. It all depends on the container size.
The finished products and boy do they smell good!
 After that unplanned craft project we started cutting paint swatches. This next project was simple but both Sarah and I enjoyed it.  We originally got the paint swatches and a couple of picture frames to make calendars but the frames were too small so we just decided to use them as dry erase boards with pretty back grounds.  
We had SO much fun! Hopefully Sarah will get off Pinterest long enough to read this post! Haha! Maybe next week Sarah and I will have more craft experiment stories to tell! I know this post has a lot of pictures but it wouldn’t have been as fun without all the pictures! So there it is….well most of it. I’ll let Sarah blog about a missing hub cap and being followed on her new blog! I can’t wait to read it! Round #1 of attempting crafts from Pinterest done! Success! :)

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